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Eclipse Auditions and Breaking Dawn

Here’s some info on Eclipse auditions.

According to this site, Breaking Dawn will begin production early in 2010. Yea!

The production company has acquired the rights (optioned property) from Stephenie Meyer to film and distribute Breaking Dawn, the fourth novel in her series. However Breaking Dawn will not begin production until sometime in early 2010.


Edit (04Jun09): See my Auditions page for the latest news.

Edit (19Jun09): This thread is now closed. Please see my Auditions page.

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  1. omg i am a huge fan of twilight!

    Comment by kelsey | February 20, 2009

  2. No! I love the book BD but I would not go see it. It would just kill me. I hope they don’t. Is this actually confirmed?

    Comment by artisticphilosopher | March 1, 2009

  3. I hope that they do BD. The completist in me would scream if they didn’t do all the books. They’ll, I hope, work out how best to do the fur-sploding wolves in New Moon. The biggest problem for BD, then will be Renesmee. I really don’t think it’s a problem, personally. Gollum looked pretty dang good. All Summit needs to do to pull off a good Renesmee is spend the money.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | March 2, 2009

  4. I LOVE Twilight so much. The books and the movie are wonderful!!! I saw the movie 24 times. I also read all 5 books. ( Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Midnight’s sun.) I cannot wait until the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movie comes out. I do not think the 5th one will come out because it is Twilight all over again but in Edward’s point of view.

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Comment by Charlotte | March 7, 2009

  5. I just hope Midnight Sun gets written and published! A movie would be gravy.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | March 8, 2009

  6. I am a twilight fan .. omg! I am from attawapiskat,Ontario. It is a unhealthy community .. and the students have no education for a decade. For more information .. go to attawapiskat-school.com.. i really wanna auditon for Breaking Dawn. I am never camera shy. lol

    Comment by Chelsea Edwards | April 1, 2009

  7. i really want to audition for tanya in breaking dawn because i like acting and having fun…so i wonder when is the audition.

    Comment by nuna vang | April 7, 2009

  8. I wish I knew. Keep your eye on the website I gave the link for above. They might post info. Good luck!

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | April 7, 2009

  9. […] Here’s some info for all the hopefuls who happen across my site looking for an ‘in’. I’m sorry that I don’t have any clout other than being […]

    Pingback by Eclipse Auditions « ‘86 Rabbit | April 7, 2009

  10. hey, i’ve read all the books at least 25 times, i LOVEEE them sooo very much. i really want to have a part in one of the movies, and i was thinking about playing the part of charlotte. i’ve never really acted before, but i’m a really good actor. if you guys have ANYTHING on the auditions please let me knoee!! 😀 thankss!!
    e-mail me at ktlovedog8@yahoo.com
    – katie ❤

    Comment by katie | April 9, 2009

  11. Just keep checking that link above for the most up to date news. Good luck!

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | April 10, 2009

  12. i am really eager to be a part of breaking dawn,.,being chelsea is the part im wanting to have..per favore…^_^…mail me,!^_^
    nicole_ayiar17@yahoo.com for more photos and infos.^_^

    Comment by nicole | April 27, 2009


    Comment by Kaitlyn | May 19, 2009

  14. I love Taylor Lautner!!!!!!

    Comment by Kaitlyn | May 19, 2009

  15. if anyone knows the address for the Eclipse auditions please email me at softsakurapetals@yahoo.com


    Comment by Jen | May 28, 2009

  16. i love twilight! i also love edward and bella they are so cool!

    Comment by dominique | May 29, 2009

  17. i wanna be reneesme. im 13 but i have bangs and ppl say i look really young for my age. im fun and i have some exsperience with action

    Comment by ashley cantey | June 3, 2009

  18. Hey everyone! See my Auditions page for the latest news!

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | June 4, 2009

  19. OMG..i love twilight im like the biggestfan ever! my room is filled with twilight stuff! Ive read the books like 30 times there just that good! but the one thing that i dream of doing is playing a part in the moive breaking dawn its my fav.book and i would love to play the part of KATE irenes sister!!!! =) plzzzz if anyone knows how this dream can come true email me plzzzz!!!!!!

    Comment by astrid roman | June 4, 2009

  20. hey guys can anyone please tell the address for the audition? that guy took it off 😦 well if anyone has any information please email me at: alexandra_drewnicki@hotmail.com thanks!!

    Comment by Allie | June 6, 2009

  21. hey guys can anyone please tell the address for the audition? that guy took it off 😦 well if anyone has any information please email me at: alexandra_drewnicki@hotmail.com thanks!! oh and i also hope that anyone who gets the chance to audition is sooo lucky!! i envy you!! 😛

    Comment by Allie | June 6, 2009

  22. i would like to know when the breaking dawn auditions are because i would like to audition for an older renesme i am 11 years old and short for my age.

    Comment by sydney | June 8, 2009

  23. I’m 13 but I want to be an extra in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. I’m trying to get into the acting business,and I think starting off as an extra in a movie will help.

    Comment by Morgan | June 19, 2009

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