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The Shield

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September 11, 2008 at 1:43 am   86rabbit

The Shield

This is my Twilight page, so clearly I’m not talking about the Michael Chiklis show or even the espionage agency of the Marvel Universe. Let’s talk about Bella and her fabulous gift.

Throughout the books, I was as frustrated with Edward as he was with Bella, for not realizing that, in general, she didn’t throw herself in harm’s way because she was reckless, but because she had an instinctive need to protect. It’s not her fault that most of the people she loves are largely indestructable, and that she ends up needing to be protected herself. She is who she is.

Who she is, is a girl destined to be a vampire. She’s pale. She can smell even small amounts of blood from a distance, (making Edward question whether she was even human at one point). She is not at all bothered by vampires when every other human instinctively shys away. She even goes beyond that by putting ridiculous faith in her belief that the Cullens couldn’t possibly hurt her no matter how “weak and tasty” she is. Renee notices how Bella always adjusts herself unconsciously when Edward moves, reorients herself. She likened it to magnets and gravity. While the use of the word “gravity” in her description points to vampires having their own version of imprinting, I think in this case it has a lot to do with Bella instinctively knowing how to deal with mythical predators. This is not limited to vampires, as her Edward-delusion told her just when to back off so that Jacob would not phase and attack her. It wasn’t really Edward telling her this. This wasn’t information Bella should have had. She’d never been told. She just knew. And as so often mystified Edward, she did not freak out in circumstances such as this. She took it all in stride as if it were the most natural thing to her.

These are her vampiric qualities. Maybe everyone has a few of those, you say? But does everyone just simply suck at being human? Not like Bella does. She feels inadequate. She’s not really good at anything. She’s definitely clumsy beyond words. She’s smart, but by her own admission not valedictorian smart, so in her mind even her positives aren’t really all that positive. She’s not good with people either. She isn’t really shy; she just isn’t good with people, like she doesn’t belong. In four books, I don’t believe she mentions a single friend in Phoenix, where she lived for 16 years. She moves to Forks, and within months she has a whole (well, almost whole) coven of vampires willing to give their lives for her, though she insisted they not do that and did what she could to protect them.

Combine all that with Edward’s inability to read her thoughts, and is it any wonder that Bella is the most bad-ass Shield ever? Her mind has always been shielded. She’s always had the urge to shield others. How much did you love her not only being able to protect Edward, but to protect absolutely everyone? I for one am glad she gets her day in the sun, gets Edward, and gets to be insanely good at everything for as long as they both shall live.

  • Whoa. U likes 2 write essays on ur pages. I agree with you on your last point, though. It is joyous that Bella and Edward end up so greatly. And by the way, if you’re going to reply to that, try writing something under 50 words.


  • Do I know you?


  • I doubt it. Unless you happen to live in Michigan, but even then, I doubt that you’ve ever heard of me. By the way, thanks for the short reply.


  • Just by the way, so that there’s no confusion, and no awkward feelings here (sorry if I’ve already caused some), I’m just a random Twilight fan. I just saw some of the website tags and decided to check it out. And I am just someone who lives in MI. I don’t have any creepy plans. Sorry if I presented myself the wrong way.


  • Ok. Just so long as we’re clear. My blog. I decide the length of my posts, and whether you get to post at all. If you’d like to post about content, great, but complaints will be censored. No awkward feelings.


  • Thanks for the clarification. And by the way, I was really surprised that the names had any significance. Most authors don’t go to the trouble to put those in, and most readers don’t go to the trouble to find them. That was really interesting.


  • I’m glad you liked it. It’s something I pay attention to, but I generally don’t go to those lengths. I might go back and do the minor characters, but I doubt it. I think I got that part out of my system. My problem now is I keep coming up with great ideas for articles to post here and then I forget by the time I get online.


  • That must be infuriating. I would never be able to run a website. I would stop caring about it before I was done making it.


  • And by the way, is there any way I can change that picture on my profile, or do I have to be a shouting, badly-drawn cartoon of a monster every time I log in here?


  • If you have an account click on MyAccount, then Edit Profile. On the right you’ll see My Picture. Browse for the photo you want to use.

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