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That’s right; the theme of this post is What Would Edward Do?

Mom just finished New Moon. She liked it, but had a problem with Edward and the rest of the Cullens leaving Bella like that. Who didn’t have a problem with Edward being gone, was my response, but I quickly learned that wasn’t what she meant. She thought it was out of character for Edward to leave Bella when she was in such danger.

What do you think? I disagree. I believe he explains this, but maybe he doesn’t explain it until Eclipse. Maybe it’s in Midnight Sun. Maybe I’m just so obsessed that I’m in Edward’s head, and this is what I imagined him to have said. I could look it up, but I can’t be bothered to get off the couch at the moment. Feel free to post books and page numbers if you have the time to look them up for the next fan or two that might actually read this post.

I’ll get to the point. Edward always believed himself to be a danger to Bella. He never wanted to leave her, but always felt he should. The whole time he was with her he was rationalizing that while he was a threat to her, he was not the greatest threat to her. He would not leave her as long as there was a greater threat to her than himself. If you’ve read Midnight Sun, you know there were more threats out there than James and his coven. Jasper’s old friends, Peter and Charlotte, came to visit. They are not vegetarians. Even though Edward knows they never hunt in the area, he couldn’t avoid thinking how appealing Bella is, and how Peter and Charlotte are not abstaining. So, with them about to visit how could he leave Bella?

Then of course there was James and the gang. Clearly James is a bigger threat to Bella than Edward is, so he’s obviously not going to leave now. But once James was defeated, and Victoria and Laurent had evidently left the area, why would Edward stay?

Personally, not only would I love to see Midnight Sun published, I’d like New Moon to be written from Edward’s point of view (and then not leaked…and then published quickly). I would love to know exactly what happened there. Here’s how I think it went.

For the first time since they had met there wasn’t a threat looming on the horizon for Bella. I’m sure it tore him up that he wouldn’t be able to protect her from mortal threats, such as the guys in Port Angeles, but what Edward wanted more than anything was for Bella to live her life without supernatural threats. He hated himself for dragging her into his world and placing her in more danger than she should have ever been in. He didn’t plan on Bella ever becoming a vampire herself, so she would always be in danger around him and the Cullens. Not only could one of them slip, but as long as they were there, there would continue to be vampires showing up, either friends or curious nomads.

Bella’s 18th birthday showed Edward that as accident prone as Bella is, it was only a matter of time before her blood was spilled in front of them again. He would not always be able to save her, and I wouldn’t blame him if part of the decision was based on not wanting to always be on guard against his own family. With no threats looming, Edward and his family were now the biggest threat to Bella. That’s what Edward had been waiting for. It was now or never. And so they left Forks. Thank goodness Bella lost her mind and Edward came to his senses.

Now that being said, I can tell you what Edward would not do. I’m thinking now of the previews of the movie I’ve seen. Edward would not take accident prone Bella through the damp, slippery, moss-covered treetops and let her go to crawl around in the trees on her own. I know Ms. Meyer supposedly signed off on this, and I know the scenery is going to be great, but I also know I’m going to be very distracted by visions of Bella plummeting to her death. This is not half as disturbing as seeing Bella in her panties, kissing Edward. No, no, it’s not jealousy talking. I say good for her! I’m also saying that Edward simply would not allow this to happen. We’re talking Twilight here. That they couldn’t get physical is sort of a big thing in the books all the way up to Eclipse, where Edward says, quite clearly, “Bella will you please stop trying to take your clothes off.”

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  1. i can’t deny that what you say about Edward’s reasons for leaving are honorable but the manner in which he leaves her is heartwrenching. this is what i wrote another twilight fan when i came to the breakup scene:

    the part where Edward breaks up with bella in the woods. and i must say, it was heartbreaking. as in, he was being so completely cruel to be kind. him and his misguided sense of right and protection. bella is not my favorite character, i find her one dimensional and blah with her adoration of edward but holy basil, he was absolutely heartwrenching towards her when he broke up with her. even taking her pix and cd (what a total indian present shirker, btw). i actually feel remote pain and sympathy for this girl! i hope they keep this storyline in the movie, it has got to play out properly to be done right.

    regardless of his reasons and i know all breakups are messy, but this breakup was especially difficult.

    Comment by lpham12 | February 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yeah, very heart-wrenching. One of the parts that made me cry. And then I couldn’t go gaming, which is a necessity for me, because I was worried about Bella and nervous about Edward being gone. I was determined to read until Edward came back. I’m glad it happened in the same book! Anyway, cruel to be kind is an apt description. He got his instant karma when Bella so quickly accepted his explanation that he didn’t love her.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | February 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. You have a very good point and a lot of people, including Robert Pattinson have figured this out.

    I want to say, as a suggestion, from your pov (point-of-view) on Eclipse since it includes a lot of New Moon here and New Moon was very sad, but my favorite is Eclipse and I think Eclipse was the saddest (but New Moon was still the darkest). But since you’ve been right on track about Rosalie not being a bad person and getting inside Edward’s head, I really want your view on Eclipse as an entire book, if you can.

    Comment by artisticphilosopher | March 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. Ok, I’ll think about an Eclipse article to write. Are there any topics you’d like to discuss in particular? As it’s your fave, I’d like to discuss what’s important to you to do it justice.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | March 4, 2009 | Reply

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