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My POV on Eclipse per artisticphilosopher’s request. I hope it’s what you were looking for, AP. 🙂

The Twilight Saga could be looked upon as a trilogy with its Act II split into two fairly equal parts: New Moon and Eclipse. These two stories combine to create for the Twilight Saga what The Empire Strikes Back is for the Star Wars saga. In ESB you have your small victory; the heroes are reunited after a dark period of separation. But, they have been changed by their time apart. They are more on the run than ever, and their destinies follow closely on their heels. A similar thing occurs in New Moon and Eclipse. These heroes are also separated and there is a period of darkness. The reunion in itself is a small victory, but the battle in Eclipse, though a success for these heroes, still forshadows a greater threat on the horizon. These two books together quite literally say, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” In this case that dawn would be Breaking Dawn.

I’ve previously discussed a mistake a friend of mine thought Carlisle made in Eclipse, so I will not rehash the subject of who should have thought about using whose blood when, during the battle with the newborn army. I would, however, be happy to read any comments you might have on that subject over on that particular post.

What I would like to discuss here is the odd relationship between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. It’s my favorite part of Eclipse. We know from Twilight and New Moon, that Edward and Bella cannot stay away from each other. They both know it is beyond reason, but they must be together. We also know (although you may need to read the Midnight Sun chapters for all the info) that Edward is forever changed by meeting Bella. Vampires in the Twi-verse are unchanging, unless an event of great significance happens to change them. Usually this event is meeting one’s mate (read: soulmate, or bonded pair). The Denalis show us that vampires can take lovers and not consider them their mate, and if Edward’s psychological warfare on Victoria is to be believed, James did not care for Victoria as she cared for him, so it would seem that vampire love can also be unrequited.

If that is so, Edward’s departure makes sense. With all other dangers to Bella gone, aside from her clumsiness, Edward and his family was the biggest threat to Bella. The paper cut incident proved this to him, and so he left. He knew that he was bonded to her, but could not have understood her bond to him. He convinced himself that, if he left, she would move on as humans do, and she would be safe. We saw this was not the case, and in time Edward did too. From then on they resolved to stay together, but this brought its own set of challenges.

Just as Bella and Edward were forever changed by their meeting, they were also forever changed by their time apart. Edward would never again leave Bella unless she told him to. He knew now that being apart would do neither of them any good. Bella had no intentions of sending him away now that she had him back but felt this strange connection to Jacob that pulled her in another direction. Jacob felt this too, and tried to use it to his advantage. He loved her and there was no level to which he wouldn’t stoop to ensure that her heart kept beating, preferrably for him. So he and Edward played mind games.

Edward, of course, won. He and Bella are Meant To Be, or is that just how it looks from the other side? Injecting more realism that is probably prudent for a work of fiction, and fantasy no less, I can tell you from personal experience that Meant To Be doesn’t necessarily mean Meant To Be Forever. Let’s look at an alternate universe scenario. Suppose that Bella chose Edward, but then something dreadful happened. Let’s suppose that the battle with the newborn army showed Bella what running with vampires all about. Let’s suppose that she saw vampires for what they really are, and that even though the Cullens and Denalis are good people that they were a severe minority. Let’s suppose that she made the heart-breaking decision to leave Edward because they could never truly be together as vampire and human, especially with her being so weak and tasty, and she could not take the chance that she would become like those newborns, or worse, like Victoria or the Voluturi.

If Bella made this choice, if she decided to stay human and get off the vampire radar, she would then have to place herself under the protection of the Quileute pack. The Volturi would still be demanding her blood in one fashion or another however, because she knows of the existance of vampires. I believe Edward would not leave Forks again. I believe he and the Cullens would stay at least until the Volturi came to check on Bella’s condition. They would protect her, if from afar, because they love her and would always consider her part of their family.

Bella, being in such close contact with Jacob again, would begin a new phase of her life. She would be in much better spirits, having chose separation from Edward this time. She and Jacob would forge a new relationship, based on more solid ground, and with the instant connection danger inevitably seems to provide in these sorts of drama. They would become a couple, and because Bella had made this choice, Jacob would imprint on her. I think the theory that pack members imprint on those who give them the best chance of passing on the gene makes sense. I think that making the choice to be with Jacob would then make her that best chance, rather than her off-spring. I think the magic that makes wolves the mortal enemy of vampires prevented Jacob from imprinting on Bella because he could not become her ideal mate while her choice in an ideal mate was a vampire. If she had chosen otherwise, I think he would have imprinted on her. I think the connection they felt was an imprinting that wanted to be, that should have been as far as the magic and genetics was concerned, but was stymied my Bella’s choice in an opposing mystical mate.

So, Bella was confused by the connection she felt with Jacob. She felt a pull even though she knew she’d made her choice and that it was the right choice for her. Jacob also felt this pull, and I believe he was equally confused. I believe that when he said it he really meant to back off and just be Bella’s friend, but the magic and genetics wouldn’t allow it. It could be that the magic was even trying to save Bella from making her choice. The wolves are the sworn enemies of vampires. It’s entirely possible that the magic goes deeper than any Quileute ever imagined and would go so far as to try to persuade a potential mate away from vampires and on to wolves’ side. That would mean one less vampire, and one more mate to pass on wolf genes. It would be win/win. But, as we know Bella made her choice and stuck to it. As soon as she did that it made her offspring the likliest mate for Jacob. Renesmee, being a newborn, had made no such choices, and Jacob imprinted on her at first site. From her first hour Jacob could be her perfect make, and would do everything he can to be so.

Then again, it might just be possible that I’ve over thought things again, and that the pull Bella and Jacob felt but couldn’t quite act on was really a pull between Jacob and Renesmee. The genes of humans, vampires, and wolves might bear this out. Humans have 23, wolves have 24, and vampires have 25. I think it would stand to reason that a human-vampire hybrid would have 24, making them a good match for a wolf, who would also have 24. I’m going to stick with my lengthy, over-thought theory though. After all, Bella and Jacob felt this pull before Renesmee was even conceived. What if Bella had been right and Renesmee turned out to be EJ? Pre-imprinting on Bella’s offspring doesn’t sound like a good plan.

Next time, we’ll talk about Edward and Bella. Why did she choose Death with Edward over Life with Jacob, exactly?

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  1. Great post! I think I’m a bit too tired to drop a more detailed comment, as I tend to ramble, lol, but yeah. Twilosophy is awesome.

    The way you phrased the question at the very end is interesting – I haven’t ever read or heard it put like that (“Death with Edward over Life with Jacob”). To a certain extent, if you’re talking about Bella’s humanity, then yeah, that’s correct. My initial response, though, would be that Bella just doesn’t see it that way. I would actually suggest that, to her, it’s quite the opposite – to her, any life *without* Edward would be Death, no matter who else was involved. The only way that she can make herself understand what Life is supposed to be is by including Edward in it.

    Comment by Jordan | March 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well put Jordan.

    I don’t really think choosing Edward is choosing death, personally. I’m with the vampires, after all. That is the literal choice that Bella would be making though. One could quibble over the semantics of Life and Existance, an eternal struggle when speaking of vampires, but you’re right, Bella needs Edward and vice versa.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | March 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thank you for considering my request and your time to write out your thoughts about Eclipse and the relationship between Edward Bella and Jacob and what could have been and what has been done, and so on, so forth.

    It doesn’t matter if it was what I was looking for when you posted this. I was just curious on your opinion about it. And I agree with you.

    Eclipse is my favorite book of the four and it’s very sad and emotional (second to New Moon, but to me, it is THE most emotional and saddening [sp?] of the four books)

    I also agree when you said Bella isn’t weak and you could write an essay to prove it. I’ll take up on that and write my own essay as I am a (upcoming) writer and so to start off, I plan to research subjects of interest or concern to me (as well as people and careers) and write essays/reports/research papers about them. So I add “Bella isn’t Weak” to my list of subjects.

    If you ever visit my blog, I have this post called “Topics, topics, topics…” where I have this list posted on what I could (and will in time) research and write about.

    Again, thank you. And you’re very smart for a Twilight Mom (but not in the “mom” category) lol

    Comment by artisticphilosopher | March 19, 2009 | Reply

  4. I agree with you, Jordan, as well! Bella can’t live without Edward and as much as I would like Bella to be with Jacob, but I also want Bella to be with Edward. You see, I’m both Team Edward and Team Jacob.

    I noticed, when I was reading and after I read Breaking Dawn, that the books get darker and darker and at the very end of Breaking Dawn, I DO see light; I do see dawn breaking. But I guess as I was reading Eclipse, at times, I got so pissed off at Edward because he couldn’t compromise to let Bella make her own decisions to hang out with Jacob when he wouldn’t hurt her (although Edward doesn’t see it and is blinded by Jacob is a werewolf and his enemy) and that does point out that Bella is not weak and knows what she’s doing.

    I was already up to scene four when I felt like crying and punching the lights out of Edward. And I noticed, especially while I was reading Breaking Dawn, that Jacob brings light to the story. He is a character on the “light” side of the line, to me, because he is mortal and a protector whereas Edward is a “predator” and that marks him on the “dark” side of the line. That’s how I saw it. I loved Edward but at some times, I wished Bella had gone with Jacob because of how natural her affection was for Jacob and as for Edward, she’s like in love with him with a tint of “obsessiveness” in her motives…

    It’s hard to explain… AH! It’s like while I was thinking about the old vampire stories and facts, how vampires put their “prey” into trances to lure them in and it’s kind of what Edward coming into Bella’s life has done and it still happens as he continues to dazzle her (and us lol) which makes them a perfect match and that they cannot live without each other. I’m just saying. Either way, it’s hard to explain and it may seem confusing to some.

    Comment by artisticphilosopher | March 19, 2009 | Reply

  5. It can all be explained by saying, “It’s magic.” In real life, Bella would have been better off with Jacob. He’s right, Edward is like a drug to Bella. Their obsessiveness is suspect, at best. But this isn’t real life. It’s fantasy fiction. There is a magic that is pulling Bella and Edward together. As Bella said, they never had a choice, it’s like imprinting.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | March 20, 2009 | Reply

  6. […] Part II Posted on April 27, 2009 by ’86 Rabbit It’s Next Time, and as promised we’ll be discussing, “Why did Bella choose Death with Edward over Life with Jacob, […]

    Pingback by Eclipse Part II « ‘86 Rabbit’s Forkstress of Solitude | April 27, 2009 | Reply

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