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Does anyone know why my links have moved down to the bottom of my front page? Does anyone know how to fix it?


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  1. Yea! I found out how to fix it!

    If you need this answer, here it is:

    If your sidebar appears to be missing from your blog – or mysteriously relocated to the bottom of your front page – this most likely means that there is some extra HTML code in one of your posts breaking the format.

    This extra code is normally added when any content is pasted from another web page, source, or program. The most common culprits are Microsoft Word and Open Office, which will both add extra HTML tags to any pasted content. Here is an efficient way to check for the issue:

    Go to Settings -> Reading in your blog’s dashboard and temporarily change the Blog pages: show at most option to 1.

    Visit the front page of your blog.

    Use the next/previous links (at the bottom of the pages) to navigate backwards through your posts. If every post has the sidebar issue, this most likely means that it is caused by something in your sidebar (any text widgets you may be using which include HTML code). If only some posts suffer from the problem, it is most likely caused by the content in those particular posts.

    Once you narrow it down to a post, go to Posts -> Edit and enter the post editing mode. Click on the HTML tab of your editing window and look for any extra HTML tags. The most common tags known to cause the problem are tags:

    Remove all tags from the post content.

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