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Caius is Cast




MTV.com is reporting that Caius will be played by Jamie Campbell-Bower, who played in Sweeney Todd. He certainly looks the part to me. It seems Summit will be going with young actors for the Volturi. I may have to rethink my casting.

I think I like him already (from the MTV article):

Although he was quick to divulge his own casting in the movie, he said he couldn’t talk about anyone else who might be joining the cast. “I do know who else will be in it — but I can’t tell you, unfortunately. But go online and have a look at the rumors,” he said, adding, “They’re all false. You’re putting me in a terrible situation.”

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  1. I think he’s totally perfect for it. He looks creepy yet still beautiful.

    Can’t wait for this movie!

    Comment by jonettecullen | March 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hmmm… I honestly can’t see him as Caius at all. I mean, I’ve always seen the Volturi leaders as older, obviously frozen in age, but older. I just think he’s not really a good fit. Wait and see I suppose…
    And then, while I’m watching him as Caius, I’m just going to be hearing “I see you… Joanna” etc in my head. Not going to help with the Volturi image AT ALL!

    Comment by Sarah | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Yes, I picture everyone older too. I think that if age isn’t specified I just automatically picture people as about 30-years-old. I think I would have liked older actors playing the Volturi. It would give them an air of authority that they should have. Also, Carlisle is older than the other Cullens, and guess I sort of picture them older than him physically, or at least around the same age.

    Think of the creep factor having younger Volturi actors give us though. A 15-year-old Jane? James Campbell Bower is, what, 21 and he’s one of the oldest vampires around? He’s supposed to command great respect, and fear. I see that being very creepy and cool, but only if these youngsters can pull it off. I hope they are as fearsome as the Volturi are supposed to be, and don’t just come off as petulant teens.

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | April 2, 2009 | Reply

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