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Eclipse Part II

It’s Next Time, and as promised we’ll be discussing, “Why did Bella choose Death with Edward over Life with Jacob, exactly?” Death is not a natural thing for a human to choose, so why did she choose it? As Jordan pointed out in the earlier post, Bella would not see it this way. I agree, Bella would not consider life without Edward much of a life at all. For the purposes of this topic, I’m take the literal meanings or Life and Death. Edward does represent Death for Bella as choosing him would mean her heart would stop. Choosing Jacob means her heart continues to beat.

First, we have to remember this is not just fiction, but fantasy fiction, so what holds true in real life doesn’t necessarily apply. This being fantasy also means that we can attribute an awful lot to, “It’s magic.” What Jacob said about him being better for Bella than Edward is might be true…if this were real life. Edward is a drug to her, as Jacob suggests (and drugs are bad, mmmkay?). It is an obsessive love, and therefore not entirely healthy. But that’s only if you don’t look at it from a magical perspective (which you should only do with works of fiction, kids. I’m in no way condoning putting on blinders in real life). When you look at Bella and Edward from a magical, Meant To Be, perspective it all become a little clearer as to why they had to be together.

The chain of events that leads to Edward and Bella finding each other starts with Edward becoming a vampire in 1918. As he put it he was 17, but in those days he was considered a man. He was focused on going to war, and so was not focusing on finding someone to settle down with, even though that was what he ultimately wanted. His plans did not work out though. The war ended and Edward came down with Spanish Influenza. Just before his death he was “saved” by Carlisle.

Edward’s vampire life was lonely. It seems that initially he was a sort of rebellious teen. He took off on his own and fed on humans, not wanting to be told what to do by Carlisle. The experience changed him. He learned for himself that killing was not the way and returned to Carlisle and the vegetarian lifestyle. From there he devoted his life to learning. He learned medicine, languages, music, etc. By all accounts this first century for Edward was extremely lonely. None of the vampires seemed to appeal, and even though the Cullens choose to live with humans they don’t seem inclined to become close to them. It wasn’t until meeting Bella that anyone captured Edward’s interest, much less his heart.

When they met, emotions Edward had forgotten he had were reawakened. Can you imagine how powerful that must be, not just for Edward, but for Bella? Girls have this thing about changing, fixing, their men. Bella actually did it. No wonder Edward was like a drug to her. Remember the scene in which Edward explains how he was jealous of Mike Newton? That can be a pretty incredible feeling for any girl, to find out their boyfriend was jealous. Now imagine your boyfriend just told you that he had never experienced that feeling in all his 108 years, in fact he had a hard time even identifying what this uncomfortable feeling was. He thought about it, and thought about it, and finally figured out that he was jealous, and that he decided he needed to be with Bella before someone else snatched her up. I imagine that would be a pretty heady feeling, being in Bella’s shoes, especially since we’re talking about Edward freaking Cullen. I imagine it would be next to impossible to walk away from someone that made you feel that important. I mean vampires are nearly unchanging, and here Edward was changing because of meeting Bella.

Then again maybe it’s destiny. Maybe Edward does have a soul and whatever god you pray to smiled upon him for learning his lessons and living a good life despite the odds. Maybe Bella was born to be a vampire, born for Edward. Maybe they were Made For Each Other and Carlisle saved Edward so that he could in turn turn Bella, and they could be together always. If this is the case, it explains the vampire version of imprinting that seems to happen in the Twi-verse. As I believe in real life, I think there is a certain amount that is “written” but we ultimately have to make choices or we don’t learn or grow.

Last time I said Bella’s choice to be with Edward kept Jacob from imprinting. This is borne out by Bella’s choice not to kiss Jacob, or rather her lack of choice to do so. She was that close. She almost chose Jacob. Her Delusion-Edward told her to be happy. Had she chosen to kiss Jacob when she still thought Edward was out of her life for good (in the car just before Alice came back) Jacob might have imprinted on her then and there. All the kissing happened after Edward came back and she’d made her choice to stay with him, so we will never know, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

So these are some pretty strong reasons to choose Death with Edward: Destiny, Imprinting, Drug Addiction. What does Jacob have going for him? He’s her own personal sun, for one. He helped Bella through her dark ages. Is that enough though? I think in the absense of Edward, Jacob would have been more than enough for Bella. I think she would have been very happy, and that’s why it was sometimes hard to keep her choice clear in her head. Bella herself questioned the sanity of her attraction to Edward in the beginning. Jacob is a healing presense. He is warm and alive. Jacob is laughter and spontaneity. He’s adventure as opposed to danger. Also, Bella and Jacob share a common era and a common background. Their families are friends. Bella would never have to leave Forks if she didn’t want to, if she chose Life with Jacob. Remember, even as thing ended up, at some point in the not too distant future the Cullens will have to leave town to protect their secret from the population at large. These would all be very important things if this were real life. But again, this is fantasy fiction, and there are certain magics afoot so it comes down to this: Bella said they never really had a choice. Jacob can’t fight the Eclipse. And there you have it.

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