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Feminist Male College Graduate: Chapter 7

Our Feminist Male College Graduate, Benjamin Wheeler, is back with his next installment of Twilight. Next up is Chapter 7: Nightmare. I don’t think it’s going well. What do you think? I almost think he’s reading it because he has to, and I almost want to tell him he can stop reading any time he wants…or can he? Admit it, Benjamin, you’re becoming a little bit obsessed with dumb Edward.

As always, check out what he has to say first, and then come back for my commentary.

The dream is interesting, though. Bella can hear Mike ahead of her, urging her on. And who are they all running from? Edward? Why is Jacob suddenly protective of Bella?

When I first read it, I imagined that Jacob was telling Bella to run from Edward. Interpreting the dream further, Mike was furthest away, being only a voice. That seemed in keeping with my thoughts that Bella didn’t relate well to your average human. I chalked that up to her somewhat unusual childhood, but as she was the one who made her childhood unusual by being so responsible and self-reliant, I thought maybe it meant there was something more to Bella than met the eye. She was closest to Jacob in the dream but had eyes only for Edward. Also Jacob was trying to pull Bella into the darkness, while Edward was approaching her from the light. I thought on some level she must be trying to choose between them and, being that I love Edward, I chose to see that Bella saw that Edward was the right choice. It remains to be seen, for you, if I was right.

This bit of intrigue comes at a point in the novel at which my interest was seriously starting to dwindle. It reads like an artifical attempt to inject some interest into the story—a ‘keep reading, things will get interesting soon’ moment.

What can I say except keep reading, things will get interesting soon?

Then Bella wakes up and researches vampires on an internet connection that’s apparent from 1996. Dial up? Really?

LOL! Yes. Dial-up. Some people do still have it or the cable and dish companies wouldn’t keep comparing their services to it. Outdated for you and me, sure, but some people actually don’t need broadband in their day to day lives. Some people don’t have cell phones either. I’m surprised you haven’t bashed Bella for not having a cell phone yet.  🙂

As for the time line, Bella starts school in Forks in January of 2005 according to TwilightLexicon.com. Forks’s broadband situation is just fine presumably, as later we do hear of others with internet access, but it’s just not present in the Swan residence. If I am remembering correctly, Charlie got a computer with internet access as a stipulation of Bella moving in with him. Prior to this he apparently had no need for a computer at home so probably didn’t quite get what Bella would enjoy in an ISP. I imagine it’s the same with getting her a cell phone. Life moves pretty slowly for Charlie Swan. I take the deficiencies in technology as a device meant to show us how slow and uncomfortable Forks is for Bella. I do know that that particular part of the Olympic Peninsula tend to be thought of as pretty backward, right or wrong.

Reading along while a character works to find out something that we already know can be riveting and exciting, but this is just plodding and slow.

I was going to tell you to enjoy Bella’s journey of discovery, that life is about the journey not the destination, and all that, but it seems you just find this part plodding and slow. That makes me sad. I had a friend who would read the map all the way around the zoo. He was always looking ahead to where we were going. I was following the path, enjoying the scenery around me. We had very different experiences even though we were there together, walking hand in hand. Maybe you can put away the map? Or maybe it’ll pick up for you now that she has gotten Jacob’s info, had her dream, etc. I hope so. I hate to think you are doing all this purely for literary criticism’s sake, and not for enjoyment. No matter how important a novel gets, its purpose is entertainment.

Bella reads Jane Austen, apologizes to her dad for not getting dinner ready on time (149), is sad because Edward’s not at school, and makes plans to go out of town with her girlfriends for dress shopping, which is her first time leaving Forks since she arrived on page 5. Woot.

I’m always surprised by the scenes that you abridge. She’s reading Austen. I thought you’d have more to say about that, about other things going on in this scene. Anyway, Woot, indeed. I was glad to be getting out of Forks with the girls at this point, too, even if I disliked Jessica greatly. Angela is always a plus.

I wouldn’t have to explain this to a woman.

I have to disagree that this is stereotyping. I can’t think of any women that I would have to explain that too, and I’m not even a girlie girl. I don’t think it’s gender stereotyping to admit men and women communicate differently, and don’t always find the same topics interesting, or even comprehensible. If I had a nickle every time I saw eye-rolling and confused expressions from men when women start talking shoes…


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