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FMCG: Chapter 11

I don’t know how much of Chapter 11: Complications I’m going to be able to talk about.  Things are still frustrating and unexplained in Benjamin Wheeler’s Twi-verse. For lack of a more tactful way of saying this, it seems to me that he’s miserable reading this book, but somehow can’t put it down. He seems hell bent on his analysis, and is beating his head against the “this isn’t love” wall. I don’t understand the love of every couple I meet. It’s different for everyone. I think this might be one of those moments for Benjamin that he might benefit from saying, “I’m happy if you’re happy,” to his new friends Bella and Edward, so he can move on to happier parts of the book and stop with the nit-picking. I’m just sayin’.

Now go see what he’s talking about, or you won’t know what I’m talking about.

I wondered what heinous lies I was forgetting Bella speaking on pages 222 and 224 that would cause Benjamin to not even utter them. Then I realized he probably just wanted to see if I would get off my duff and get the book. I did. Here they are so you don’t have to look them up.

From page 222:

…But my worries were unnecessary. Edward was waiting, leaning casually against the side of the gym, his breathtaking face untroubled now. As I walked to his side, I felt a peculiar sense of release.

“Hi,” I breathed, smiling hugely.

“Hello.” His answering smile was brilliant. “How was Gym?”

My face fell a tiny bit. “Fine,” I lied.

“Really?” He was unconvinced. His eyes shifted their focus slightly, looking over my shoulder and narrowing. I glanced behind me to see Mike’s back as he walked away.

From page 224:

“And you still want to know why you can’t see me hunt?” He seemed solemn, but I thought I saw a trace of humor deep in his eyes.

“Well,” I clarified, “I was mostly wondering about your reaction.”

“Did I frighten you?” Yes, there was definitely humor there.

“No,” I lied. He didn’t buy it.

And from Benjamin, on the passages above:

This seems to strengthen a point of annoyance I had in another chapter–this is not love we’re dealing with. This is mutual infatuation. And it now seems that Bella is willing to lie to keep up an appearance with Edward that will ensure his continued interest in her. Interesting thing is, thanks to Edward’s hyper-perceptiveness and his built in lie detector, he knows when Bella is lying, but Bella has no way of knowing when Edward is lying to her. And if Bella finds it so easy to lie to him, I have to wonder how much of what he tells her is the truth. Edward is reluctant to talk about himself, and whenever Bella gets too close to asking a touch or interesting questions, Edward cuts her off.

If I’m reading this correctly, Benjamin thinks that Bella lying and saying she was fine and not frightened signifies that this is not love, it’s infatuation. I have tried and tried to think of something profound to say here. All I’ve got is this. These are two people newly in love, still getting to know each other, still learning how to communicate. Bella is just learning how annoying Edward’s gift can be. Edward is just learning how truly fun teasing someone he loves and making her blush can be.

And in this chapter we find him going on the offensive, filibustering by asking her a barrage of trivial and inane questions about Bella, preventing her from asking anymore about him.

On the offensive? Filibustering? This chapter brought back every new relationship I ever had. This always seems to happen. There will be that period of time when you ask stuff like, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” or, “So…Wilma or Betty?” They are fun times. The questions are light-hearted, yet you learn so much about who you are talking to because of their answers. What is Edward filibustering? He warned Bella the night before that as she had gotten to ask all her questions that it would now be his turn. She asked what he did last night, and Edward reminded her it was his turn. Had he not already said it was his turn, and had Bella asked a touchy question, I might agree with you. I just think this is a fun twist on the endless questions of new love.

Because, gasp,bisexual people, lesbians, and asexual people exist, oh noes, ZOMG. Charlie doesn’t want to hear it. Fingers in ears, la la la la la la.

Whoa! Slow down there, Tex. Parents want their kids to be normal. That’s right I said it. You can’t dispute that while being gay might be natural, it’s not the norm. Parents want their kids to be normal. Even the most open-minded of parents would still wish their kids didn’t have to walk that path. No matter how easy friends and family making coming out, others will discriminate. It’s not an easy path, being that discriminated against. I know a lot of gay people. They are a rather large community where I live. The stories they tell about not being able to hold hands in a store without stares or nasty comments are terrible. No matter how open and proud they are, they struggle. No matter how big of a community they surround themselves with so that they can live the lives they want to live, they struggle. For the first time ever, last year a state voted to take a group’s civil liberties away–the right for gays to marry. No one wants that for their kid. Even if that is remotely what Bella meant, you can’t judge Charlie for wanting that, or Bella for thinking that Charlie wants that, or the author for writing it for that matter. Parents can accept that their kids are gay. I don’t think any parents actually want their children to be gay.

Oh, and at the end of this chapter there is a special appearence by every wise old Indian man in every piece of insensitive pop culture ever, complete with “creases running through the russet skin like an old leather jacket” and “ancient” eyes.

You say that as if people like Billy Black don’t exist. He has russet skin, creases because he’s getting older, and he had a leather jacket. It’s not like he’s wearing feathers and saying, “How!” I don’t see how this is insensitive. Bella is described as pale. You aren’t claiming that she’s the stereo-typical no-rhythm, white-men-can’t-jump cracker. The tribe that is written about, the Quileute, are a real tribe. They really do live on the La Push res. They do have legends of being descended from wolves. They are very wrapped up in their native culture. They do have a tribal school and a tribal council. In fact if you look at the names listed on their website, you’ll even see number of Blacks. What part of this is insensitive? They are sharing every bit as much in the tourism that Twilight is bringing to Forks.

The Zoe Washburn “Had a Kind of Poetry to it, Sir” Award for Lyrical Aptitude: “‘It’s twilight…It’s the safest time of day for us…The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way…the end of another day, the return of the night” (233).

I can’t wait to see if Jayne Cobb get to present an award!

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  1. I agree with you about the questions phase of a relationship. When Jeremy and I first met, we spent (no exaggeration) about 8 hours a day on the phone, just talking. This was every day, and sometimes it was hours longer than that. Looking back now, I can’t remember what exactly we discussed, but I do remember I was fascinated by him and just wanted to learn more about him.

    Ah, memories! As always, great post.

    Comment by Whitley | May 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Those are sweet times. I remembered all those squirmy, butterflies-in-the-stomach moments thanks to Bella and Edward and their questions.

      Comment by '86 Rabbit | May 19, 2009 | Reply

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