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The Trailer

Caroolee7 was the first one to come up on YouTube, so I grabbed this there.

It gives me hope.

Things that give me hope:

  • Hells yes! Fursploding werewolf! He’s even red! He might have been a bit small, but I can handle wolf-sized wolves.
  • The make-up and hair seems so much better all around, especially for the vampires.
  • Laurent’s eyes were even better. Maybe a little large, but at least you could really see that unsettling crimson.
  • Multiple people in the same shot, especially Bella and Edward. Yea for showing chemistry between actors!
  • Neat cake! I bet there’s already a fanmade online.
  • Bella’s fetal position in the forest. Could they really have captured the despair?
  • Everything isn’t blue. Can I get an Amen?

Things that make me nervous:

  • “Kiss me.” Was that supposed to be sultry, smoldering, sexy? I don’t know exactly how it sounds to me. Desperate maybe? They just has a happy, trouble-free summer? Why so glum? The eyebrow was a nice touch though, Kristen.
  • “I love you.” It has the same tone for me. Like she didn’t really want to say it. Being in love with Rob, I’m sure that was hard, but isn’t this the perfect opportunity to let it all out?
  • I can’t decide about Edward’s “This is the last time you will ever see me.” I hope it sounds better in context of the entire scene. Is it Rob’s delivery? Is it that he’s not saying, “It will be as if I never existed.”? I don’t know why it bothers me exactly, but it does a little, so I’m putting it in the Nervous column.

All in all, not a bad Pros vs. Cons ratio.

PS @Kristen Stewart – Don’t feel bad about your Bella moment at the MTV Awards. It was endearing.

PPS @everyone else – He’s only 17. He’s only 17. He’s only 17. Rinse. Repeat.

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