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Dear Bryce Dallas Howard,

Congrats on winning the role of Victoria in Eclipse! I would have picked you if I couldn’t have Rachelle Lefevre, too. Not that you’re second best. I have seen many of your films and think you’re incredible. I look forward to seeing what you do with the role.

Break a leg!  ♥Rabbit


Dear Rachelle,

They did WHAT?!? It’s just not right. With the crazy shooting schedule Summit adopted in their rush to get to the box office you would think they would be a little more clear about non-negotiable dates. It sounds like they are in breach of contract to me. As they were clearly allowing you lot to film in the, what, two months you had off between shoots, they should have advised you of any blackout dates they were not willing to work around. I’m just sayin’. You should get your part back. There are petitions in the works as we speak. I hope lawyers and agents are as busy as the fans.

With hopes you are as tenacious as Victoria and Michelle “Bridezilla” Morgan, ♥Rabbit


Dear Summit,

Are you serious? Do you understand fandom at all? Do you understand that after that hot mess we call Twilight the fans will brook no more crap? Do you understand that the flip side of SQUEE is an angry mob with pitch forks and torches? Don’t for a minute think that you can assume breaking even on this movie. Oh, you’ll have a great opening weekend, but if we can spread the word and get Peter Facinelli a gajillion Twitter friends under a deadline we can certainly arrange seeing your little film once or twice in said weekend and then never again. We know someone will bootleg it and it will be available on the internet within days. We don’t have to pay you. I personally am against bootlegging, but you and I both know that the crappier the movie seems to be or the angrier the audience is, the likelier bootlegging will be. Add to that rabid fandom and you have a bootlegging nightmare on your hands. I beg of you, reconsider. Nobody wins without Rachelle playing Victoria no matter how wonderful Bryce Dallas Howard may be. We love our continuity and we love Rachelle. Besides, 10 days? Really? That just seems petty.

Seriously! ♥Rabbit


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  1. Agreed on all counts – what were they thinking?! Oh yeah – they weren’t. Or (worse yet but more likely) they were thinking with their already-big, fat wallets. Harrumpf. This whole thing is such a shame – and can I also whine a little because I am mid-way through Eclipse for the umpteenth time [what IS it with that???] and it’s even going to sour the reading of those parts of the story. Boooo Summit!

    Comment by Snarkier Than You | July 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yes, I’m so pissed about this. I think something else must be going on with Summit than just a scheduling conflict. I think they might want to get on Ron Howard’s good side or something, so they cast his daughter.

    I just want Rachelle back!

    Comment by twilog | August 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thinking with the wallets…check.
    Getting on Ron Howard’s good side…check. (Although for DBH’s sake, I hope not. She deserves her own career.)
    Pissed about this…check.

    But, no no no, STY! Don’t let it spoil your reading!

    Comment by '86 Rabbit | August 3, 2009 | Reply

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