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Breaking Dawn Auditions

Have you been following Acting411? If you have you know some pretty interesting info by now.

Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights from Stephenie Meyer to film and distribute Breaking Dawn, the fourth novel in her series. Breaking Dawn is in the early pre-production stages. There will likely be quite a bit of tweaking to the novel due to the explicit sex and birth scenes to avoid an R rating.

Somebody didn’t catch that the explicit part was all in their heads! LOL!

Now for the really good stuff! Check out my Auditions page and scroll down to the 05Aug09 entry.

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  1. where was the explicit sex in the novel?? your right it was totally in my head!! lol

    let’s hope they ADD it in! Oh yeahs!

    Comment by Christina Padilla | August 6, 2009

  2. Three movies for BD? wooheeeee

    Comment by chaos | August 8, 2009

  3. the explicit parts were throughout the WHOLE book!
    did anyone even read it? duhhhh.

    Comment by sheila | August 10, 2009

    • I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve read all of the books four times. Believe me I was quite shocked when I read BD a second time and realized I’d made the explicit parts up.

      Comment by '86 Rabbit | August 11, 2009

  4. Any one that noez any mor info pleze let me no ASAP!!!!!!! thanx

    Comment by rebekah | August 13, 2009

  5. every1 noez wat happens in the book……..duhh havent u read it?

    Comment by rebekah | August 13, 2009

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