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New Moon

I dunno how I feel about the movie. I didn’t stay up after the midnight show and write a blog post about how angry it made me just so I could get some sleep, so it’s going that going for it. It still didn’t wow me. It felt like a video book report to me. I can’t wait to see what you all thought, but it will have to wait, and so will a more lengthy review from me. Until I’ve gotten some sleep and seen New Moon for a third time…

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    I have seen New Moon twice so far…and my sentiments are basically the same from the first showing which was a double feature from 9:30 PM CST to roughly 2:30 AM. Being a non-springlike-chicken I decided to see it for the second time the next day after consecutive hours of Z’s in the event I missed something pivotal and chalked my lack of luster for the flick up to the late hour and the packed shriek-fest of a theater. Nope. New Moon had so many moments that “could have been”, well, great. At first I thought the acting of some was a bit off, however, I think the majority was direction and editing. The chase scene between Victoria (and WHOEVER THE HELL decided to replace Rachelle LeFevre- who looked AMAZING in New Moon) and the wolves with the interplay of the other characters paths…this scene made the movie worth it for me and the direction was great, however, other scenes where passion was required to convey elements of the story was seriously lacking. Italy! What can one say about it? The kiss was ridiculous- no passion, too much camera fumbling, and BAM! the scene is over. Catherine Hardwick did a much better job at conveying the passion, the connection, I mean these two are supposed to be basically destined or like “magnets” as Bella’s mother called them. The reason you believe Bella would drop Jacob and run across the world is because (if you read the books) you “get” the intensity of their relationship. I just didn’t buy the relationship intensity- and mind you I was trying to pretend that I had not seen the first movie at times; what if this were my introduction to Twilight?

    These are random blatherings about scenes:

    When Edward says “goodbye”: Really. That was it! If you take out the five seconds of Jasper the night before- Edwards departure is lame and rellies heavily on the assumption that everyone read the books and would it have killed K-Stew and the director to add some screaming (a smidge more drama)through the woods after Edward…seeing that the emotionality of the relationship is not present prior. It would have been wise to really show JUST HOW MUCH THIS AFFECTED HER.

    The wandering months and the camera effects were great but without other elements told half the story. This was also a savior.

    The CGI wolves were much better than whatever trick I thought they might pull out of their bags.

    Bella had way too much make up- seriously, she is supposed to be “ordinary”…not a buffanted girly-girl and would Edward seriously give two shits about looking more mature for senior year? No, he’s done it what fifty or so times and has nothing to prove to anyone.

    Charlie kicked socks in this edition again. His humor lightens the mood.

    Alice and Charlie have this connection…do you think this will go untouched upon? too late?

    I sure hope they do a better job next round. They have great story and lots of material to work with and yes, a huge following willing to see it no matter what- however, with the amount of money they have to work with, I hope they make the next 2-3 (including Eclipse in post-production)as thought this is a stand alone movie that needs to rely on itself not just the imagination of those who have read the books- meaning that you can’t chump out and do a poor job expecting me (the viewer) to fill in the potholes.

    What did you/anyone else think of it?

    Comment by Scarlet Charlotte | December 15, 2009 | Reply

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