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A Blog Roll Please: Twilog

Ah, Twilog, how I love thee. I should have added you to my A Blog Roll Please thread long ago. Initially I was using this as an exercise to help me remember all the wonderful sites I’ve collected these past few months. I realized that just because I haven’t forgotten about you doesn’t mean others haven’t, or haven’t yet discovered the beauty that is you.

For those unfamiliar, Twilog is run by Whitley and Jeremy, a couple who created the blog as a way to share computer time. Twilog features photos, videos, and Twi-news regularly. They’re very good about bring us the latest picks from LaineyGossip and adding their own comments. My favorite on-going thread is Chapter Discussions. Every once in a while they will post a series of questions about what you were thinking and feeling when you first read a particular chapter. So far they have done chapters 1-6 of Twilight.

So if you’re looking for a new blog to follow, or if you’ve forgotten about your old friends at Twilog, head on over and leave them a comment or two. You might see something like this pic from JustJared.

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A Blog Roll Please: Twitarded

Previously, on A Blog Roll Please, I spread the love for some great Twilight blogs that may have gotten lost on my ever-growing Blog Roll. This edition is no different. Today I’d like to introduce you to Twitarded, if you don’t know them already.

When I first found Twitarded, I could not figure out why I couldn’t post on non-Wordpress blogs. It was a huge frustration because I wanted to tell them how completely brills they are. I saved them to my Blog Roll, so I could post on their blog when I got my crap together. I’m glad I did. Their blog is witty, snarky (of course!), and self-deprecating. It’s full of news, photos, gossip, and good ol’ FANGirl SQUEE. It was STY’s name that drew me to the site, as I am sometimes known as Snarky myself. It was their header that kept me reading:

We are two over-thirty chicks who never really meant to fall in love with Twilight… but somehow we did. Hard. Inexplicably, we’ve got a lot to say on the subject. Consider this half blissfully obsessed, and half trying to exorcise our Twilight demons and get over it, already.

Girls after my own decrepit heart. Twitarded has grown. They have quite  a few more followers than back in the day when it was just witty banter between Jenny Jerkface (JJ) and Snarkier Than You (STY). I’m sure they would still love for you to drop by and leave them a comment.


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A Blog Roll Please: Pillow Biters

Pillow Biters is another blog that has been on my Blog Roll for a while that may have gotten lost. They commented on my About page today, which lead me back to their site where I found that they linked to me. Thanks again Pillow Biters!

If you haven’t found this fun site in your wanderings, you should head over there. Aside from having a hilarious Twi-related name, there’s stuff like this there.

Coming to a RobCrotch video near you

Coming to a RobCrotch video near you

But wait! There’s more! Click here for the whole shebang.

How could I not love Pillow Biters? They consider me “Breaking Headboard” Worthy! *blush*

Edit: If the photos no longer load at the other link, try here.

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A Blog Roll Please: Twilighters Anonymous

Twilighters Anonymous has been on my Blog Roll for a while, but I’m updating the link. Now when you click on their link you will be taken straight to their lovely New Moon Set photo album. You can navigate anywhere you like from there. I’m guessing this is what we’re all looking for at the mo’ so there you have it.

TA, you’ve don’t a wonderful job collecting all these photos! Thank you!

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A Blog Roll Please: Eyes of Amber

My Blog Roll has gotten quite long. I think sites are getting lost in there. So, in an effort to come up with new and interesting things to post, and also to get my fellow Twilighters some hits, I’m going to start writing about sites I ad to my Blog Roll.  Today I noticed that I had gotten nearly 20 hits between yesterday and today from Eyes of Amber. I went there and found Eyes of Amber had linked a post of mine about New Moon Posters. Thanks for that Eyes of Amber. For that I’ll add you to my Blog Roll.

EOA is an All Twilight All The Time blog, which posts nice little tid bits we all search for in the “news”. There are plenty of photos and videos to look at, and I find the black, red, and gold harlequin motif pleasing to the eye. While the theme is not directly Twi-related, the colors are certainly right, and overall the site looks rich enough that I believe Alice would approve. Well done, Eyes of Amber, and welcome to my Blog Roll!

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