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Rob On Set

For the first time ever I went to Lainey Gossip. It’s true. I couldn’t resist. Twilog posted a few pictures of Rob as Edward on the New Moon set in Vancouver. I had to go see the rest, as you will. Here’s one that I’d like to discuss.

Workin' the hair

Workin' the hair

First, the hair. Lookin’ good! And the make-up! So much better!
But are those contacts I see or has someone doctored the photo? If they’re contacts, does this mean that we’re in for more contact slipping fun causing difficulty making eye contact? Is he going to be distracted by the pain and unable to really connect? Did they give him a different kind of contact that’s easier on the eye? I gotta know!

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No Contacts

I’ve seen an interview or two with Robert Pattinson in which he said he had problems with the contacts and didn’t want to wear them in New Moon. I can relate. I wore contacts for about two years, and my eyes never really adjusted. They’re just too sensitive. I can’t imagine having to convey emotions and subtle reactions with my eyes, to be blown up on the big screen and scrutinized, when they feel like there is sand in them at all times. And I didn’t even have colored contacts. On top of the pain distracting from the scene, I’m sure the colored bit partially obscuring your vision would make it extremely difficult to react to the others in the scene. I’ve seen movies in which people were wearing colored contacts, and at times their eyes didn’t seem to be looking in quite the right direction. I didn’t notice any scenes like that in Twilight, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a problem on set, only that none of those shots ended up in the film. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have to wear them, and Edward’s eye color can just be done with CGI.

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