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VMA Goodness

Thanks to My Favorite Unicorn and Peanut for reminding me about the VMA’s. Of course they didn’t remind me until today, so I had to watch everything online. That’s ok. I probably would have been annoyed sitting there waiting through endless teasers of, “Coming up…New Moon!”

Here’s the trailer. I don’t know how I feel about it. They pretty much showed us everything didn’t they? I don’t like the reappearance of Carter Burwell’s western Twilight showdown theme. It bothered me at the midnight now of Twilight, and it bothers me knowing I’m about to be bothered again. At least the production values look better…amazing in fact. Anyway here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of New Moon.

And here’s Death Cab For Cutie’s Meet Me on the Equinox. I think I like it. I don’t picture it playing during the movie, but I could be wrong. It just seems like a credits song. Nothing wrong with that.

Thanks, YouTube.  I appreciate you letting watch all these things that I miss when I’m away from the boob tube. And I’ve already forgotten where I got these particular vids. Sorry. I imagine you can figure it out somehow if you need to.

EDIT 19Sep09: Thanks TwilightSaga for the new Death Cab For Cutie vid. The other one got taken down.

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Thanks to Letters to Twilight I now know about Felinedown and their song Push, which is about New Moon from Bella’s perspective. Listening to this song I pictured it playing during the part where Bella is off in the woods by herself trying to find the meadow. It’s a sort of sad, hypnotic dirge that I can easily see being used in place of dialogue at this time while Bella is alone, pushing herself toward the bittersweet victory of finding this last connection to Edward. I hope someone at Summit sees this blog and Felinedown gets a shot at being on the soundtrack for New Moon.

To Felinedown:

  • I love that you have defined ‘serendipity’ on your MySpace page. It’s one of my favorite words.
  • I’m listening to the rest of your stuff on MySpace. It would be great music to write to. I hope to buy your EP soon.
  • And you have a song named ‘Rabbit’? Sweet!  🙂


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Rick Mugrage and the New Moon Soundtrack

There’s a post on The Snarky Sparrow about indie artist Rick Mugrage. He’s a Twilight fan who would like to be considered for the New Moon soundtrack. Check out the musical Unicorn!

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