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Good on ya, Kristen

Previously I wrote that Kristen Stewart is being treated like The Other Woman. I think she’s reached the point in that particular drama when she’s thought about leaving the gossipy small town behind to lick her wounds, but has decided to face her fears and protect her dignity by staying put. If her recent interviews are any indication, she seems to have made a choice to stick with the Twilight Saga films. If this is true she makes this decision knowing what she’s getting herself into this time. I think we owe her improved attitude in her interviews to her new perspective. I say good for her! She actually looks happy.

AccessHollywood interview about Taylor and Dakota.

MTV interview about Adventureland, but the clip talks about Bella’s cliff dive.

And her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where she gets to talk about New Moon and The Cake Eaters.

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